Psychic Sofa Wallet

Extra Minutes FREE!

You can now buy block minutes through your very own wallet system! By buying wallet bundles you can pay as little as $1.98 a minute - Over a third off the regular price! You can use your minutes whenever you like and any unused minutes are stored in your personal Psychic Sofa wallet.

What is the Wallet?

Your Wallet is an account where you store your purchased minutes. Rather than paying for a reading each time, you buy minutes which are stored in your wallet.

You will be given a unique PIN number to enter each time you call the service to access your account, saving you the time it takes to enter your payment card details on each call!

Your wallet is totally free and you can top-up online at any time you wish. If you wish to register your number on your wallet we will automatically recognise it and only ask for your unique PIN number, saving you even more to get through to your favourite readers.


Current Minute Bundles











Top Up Methods

There are 2 top up methods for you to choose from. Use the phone service you normally use (not including premium rate numbers), or via our online payment page which can be found in the Psychic Sofa member's area.



If you wish to top up by phone, then simply call the usual number 1300 268 936 and follow the instructions to use the new payment option. If you wish, you may register the phone number you use to call the service, and will only be asked for a PIN to access the service.



You can either login to your existing account or create a new one using the buttons below.

You can then create a new wallet or link an existing one and top up using our secure payment form. Just follow the simple steps provided.