Capricorn Horoscope

22 Dec - 19 Jan

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Week beginning Sunday 18th of August 2019

After dealing with powerful issues and intense emotions, the emphasis shifts and opportunities for travel and new adventures can show up for you. You may be ready to look beyond your everyday situation and to seek out fresh opportunities. This week's Quarter Moon could leave you with a choice to stick with your everyday routine, or branch out in a new direction Capricorn.


Week beginning Sunday 18th of August 2019

Love adventures may beckon Capricorn. And current trends reveal that romance may find you when you are following your star or dancing to your own drumbeat. If you are looking for a serious romance, then it seems you might find it when you are being true to yourself. Want your long-term bond to sparkle? Changing routines could bring fresh streams of energy into the mix.


Friday 23rd of August 2019

Ready for something different? With a positive focus on your sector of far horizons, you may be ready to take a bold step forward and explore new territory. What excites you the most? Think on this, as it could lead you to your next exciting adventure. There is also the attractor factor to consider. Someone you meet along the way could appeal to you on a platonic or romantic basis.


Friday 23rd of August 2019

You can find yourself involved in something of a dichotomy. If you are footloose, you may relish the stability and support a romance can provide. On the other hand, you may resent the need to curtail your freedom. Equally, if you're involved, much as you might enjoy your darling's company, you may require time alone.

About Capricorn

Information about your birth sign

Capricorns have a great sense of purpose and faith in their own ability because they are so mentally strong. They set out to accomplish things and are determined to succeed one way or another, making them natural executives and managers. They can sometimes lack confidence and try to hide it as they see insecurity and fear as a weakness, sometimes making it hard for others to get close to them.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn is serious and can appear cold, hard and stern. They are usually known as figures of authority and are connected with rules and regulations. They are probably the most stable sign of the zodiac and quickly become the backbone of the company they are working for. However, many Capricorns run their own business as they can take control in a naturally cool and calm manner. They don't let you get away with things very lightly and believe in hard work. Although they have a serious demeanor they are actually extremely sensitive and genuinely care for other people. They are also skeptical and certainly not prone to gullibility. Capricorns are full of wisdom and make great parents, keeping things organized and ticking over smoothly. You can always rely on a Capricorn.

Capricorn is ruled by the tenth house which is connected to work and publishing.

Capricorn Motto

Capricorn's motto is: "I use"

Things to look out for

Because it is Capricorn's duty in life to prove their self worth they can be very controlling with others.

Capricorn Birthstone

The birthstone for Capricorn is Garnet. This stone is said to draw energies from the ruling planet for the Capricorn sign, Saturn. Garnet is said to influence both positive and negative traits of a typical Capricorn personality!


Vulnerable parts of the body are the bones, joints, skin and teeth; as a result of this, allergies, sensitive skin and broken bones are common.

Lucky Colours

Lucky colours for Capricorn are brown, blue and green.


Capricorns are most compatible with other earth signs: Virgo and Taurus, and compatible to a lesser extent water signs: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.