Aquarius Horoscope

20 Jan - 18 Feb

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Week beginning Monday 9th of December 2019

While your social life sparkles Aquarius, you may also be reflecting on an issue that needs closure and determined that you will draw a line under it. Plus, with a Full Moon boosting leisure options, you could find aspects of the week very exciting and some encounters riveting. One soulful meeting could inspire you so much, it might encourage positive change.


Wednesday 11th of December 2019

You may feel pulled in various directions, and this could be because others expect different things from you. What do you want for yourself though, Aquarius? The current backdrop suggests that you may be happy to keep a low profile and to keep your social engagements to a minimum. Even so, the insights and ideas you gain could prove lucrative over the weeks ahead.


Wednesday 11th of December 2019

You could be in a jovial frame of mind. Your potential high spirits can make you a grand companion. This is a good time to mix. Romantic interactions could seem blessed, and luck appear to be on your side. Someone younger or with a youthful spirit may smile on you. Involved? If you are less than content, it might be hard to hide.


Week beginning Monday 9th of December 2019

As convivial Mercury moves into your social sector, it can inspire you to get out and about. Whether you need a break from family chores or are keen to meet that special person, this lively influence along with the radiant sun, makes it a possibility. Even so, you might feel hurt concerning a relationship, and this week can be an opportunity to gently resolve this Aquarius.

About Aquarius

Information about your birth sign


Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign, and the last of the clever and intellectual air signs. You are traditionally ruled by Saturn, and co-ruled by Uranus in modern day. Uranus is new, quirky and non-conformist. You like new, quirky and non-conformist, so it's a good fit.

The other planets are all named after Roman Gods, Uranus is named after a Greek one. The planets all orbit a certain uniform way, but not Uranus, because its axis of rotation is tilted sideways. All very unique, but then so are you!

You are the thinker and the humanitarian of our zodiac. You have an independent, eccentric, inventive and original spirit and usually no desire whatsoever to conform. You're happy to be different.

Your outlook is futuristic but, if Mercury is close to your Sun, you can be quite unchanging in your opinions. You have difficulty grasping the viewpoints of others, once you've made your mind up, like the other fixed signs, little can change it.

Yours is a fixed sign, change doesn't always come easy, so there's a dilemma. You're inventive, you want to discover new and different ways of doing things, but then you might find that you're not too keen to adapt and try them.

Aquarius rules over our wider associations and the groups that we belong to, and you're sure to belong to a group of a club. You're innately a team player, you feel energised and happy when you're part of the crowd. Some say that you're difficult to get close to, you're not inclined to discuss your feelings, although you're knowledgeable and happy to discuss everything and anything else.

You can be eccentric, idealistic and unpredictable, but as a friend or partner, you are friendly, faithful, unswerving and steadfast. You're not shallow in your affections but you don't wear your heart on your sleeve either. You love truly and deeply, you don't feel the need to voice sentiment often but you're generous to those you love and your gifts are often well chosen, if not inspired.

There are many professions you might enjoy, none of them are solitary. You prefer to work independently at whatever you do, you don't like to have anyone watching over your shoulder, but you do prefer to work as part of a team. You're probably popular among your co-workers.

Technology and computers belong to your sign, yet your symbol is a man pouring water from an Urn. Water is the source of life, and in older pictures, the man was often represented as an angel. Perhaps an Aquarian artist changed the angel to an old man, because you can be an angel and modest about it.

You get along best with the other air signs, Gemini and Libra, and also well with the fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Although the other planets in your horoscope will all have their say and mitigate how you express your Aquarius energy and who you get along well with.

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