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Hi my name is Minesh and I started this journey when I was a child always seeing and feeling spirit around me helping to expand my understanding of this very special world that spirit inhabit. It has stayed with me into adulthood and helped to shape me as a spiritual being wanting to help others and spread the awareness of these wonderful energies that coexist within our world. I have given many readings in which people have gained a greater insight to their life helping to overcome great difficulties they have faced. I also sort out spiritual guidance and had a number of readings which have benefited my life and helped to understand why I experienced upheaval's and difficulties. In the same way I was helped by the spirit world I hope to help others through the wonderful and non judgemental way of spirits soothing energy!!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

The best part of giving readings is the feeling of helping a individual to realise their potential and in some cases they themselves have a hidden psychic talent which is incredible to uncover! It is so heart warming and satisfying when a person has their questions answered but also understand what they can do to solve their dilemma. I have given readings where the person has lost hope but with my highly advanced spirit guides, together we have found a way of restoring faith and hope through guidance and sensitivity. I enjoy the interactions and meeting people from different backgrounds learning about the differences within our diverse society! For me spirit is a way of life and helped me to become a grounded individual and I hope through my insightful readings it will help to create a positive energy across the world!

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As a leo I am very sensitive and in tune with how other people feel which is vital in my role and chosen path as a spiritual being. I really gain great satisfaction knowing the positive impact I can have on others around me making them successful. I also am ambitious and want to be king of my jungle!!! Through my spiritual grounding I have learnt to curb that ferocious drive and channel all that positive energy into helping other people and not be selfish which can be a trait of a Leo!! Even so this drive and ambition has been helpful to lead a successful and fruitful life aiming to achieve great things and the sense of being at peace with myself.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was 7 years old I recall always running into my mum and dads bedroom at 3am which of course is a spiritual time where certain entities walk the earth and I could hear voices in my room and had dreams of beings which I could not describe. I understand now that it was spirit trying to communicate and reach out to me which was quite scary at the time! After that experience I began to notice my sensitivity around other people and the feeling of future events which caused me to become isolated from children my own age not understanding my sensitivity creating real sadness within my soul. In reflection I am happy to be part of spirit despite my difficult childhood and the realisation that life can be strange and confusing but also a wonderful experience from which I can be closer to spiritual freedom from the chains of everyday life!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

The most memorable experience I have had recently is whilst giving a reading I talked about a young male who came through from spirit talking about going back to the football stadium. At the end of the reading the client disclosed his best friend had died a month ago whilst playing football! This was amazing as I had never met the client before and have no way of knowing this information and it was comforting for the client knowing the young man had passed over peacefully and was symbolic as the spirit of the young man went back to the place he crossed into the spirit world. There are other examples that I could list as evidence of the spirit world like names, future events, feelings which I have given to clients but that recent reading was incredible. I also picked up on sensitive information which the clients family was not aware of so it always is a surprise!

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I obtained a social welfare degree which also covered psychology that has helped me whilst communicating with clients and people around me. This knowledge has given me the ability to deliver messages with sensitivity and understanding solving complex social dilemmas with my training in social sciences whilst a student at University. The spiritual world can be full of interesting information but also sensitive revelations which need a degree of care and accuracy whilst delivering messages from the other dimensions! The most important experience I bring to the readings is my own struggles and successes helping to demonstrate with spirit by your side anything is possible!!! 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To have a open and sensitive mind willing to have an experience which will be beneficial in a personal way direct from spirits warmth and guiding light. Healing sore hearts in order to be happy enjoying the challenges of life! It is important to remember psychics do not have all the answers but can try to give clues and advice which leads to answers solving dilemmas the individual faces. We are all human beings who have desires and wants but have to walk separate paths which can lead to happiness! We have to work together to achieve our greatest dreams through one to one readings and ones own reflection upon the challenges they may face.

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I felt like I was talking to my best friend, like I’ve known him all my life and beyond.. his validations were spot on, can’t comment on predictions as of yet but will defo keep you posted. I loved my reading with him. Try him! You will be grateful you did.. thank you thank you thank you Minesh. Feb ‘18 🍀

Immediately went into specific accurate amazingly accurate detail regarding the person i was enquiring about, circumstances, information that only I knew that was too unusual. TRULY gifted - totally genuine reader. I gave no information at all, nothing - no date of birth, no zodiac sign, no questions were asked - Minesh just came out with everything and made some good predictions which ill report back on - thank you for being amazing - the Spanish lady :)

Very good reader

Amazing, outstanding reader best on this site. Alll predictions have come true. Thx so much. Looking forward to my next reading

Hello - Thank you for your time, understanding and care during my call regarding Simon I have taken on board your comments and will feedback when the time approaches to us living together in Sep - Oct 2017. You have a very engaging manner about yourself thank you Sp x

I was lucky to be able to reach Minesh for a reading and wanted to say Thank you for your patience with me. I hadn't got a clue what to do but he really put my mind at ease and everything he said resonated with my circumstances. He just knew everything. I look forward to the future and I will try to get through again to update you. L & L xXx

awesome reader, definitely worth the call, thanks

I am sure I speak for many - wish you were signed on more often, cause we would love to get a chance to speak to you again and so many more I am sure would love a chance to experience your gift!

This lovely man gives detail no one else can. Deeply connected and real.. Sorry I got cut off Minesh.. Thank you for the fabulous reading x M

9th nov had to phn u today after yday to finish of my reading bcoz i needed to find out abit more abt my relationship..finally got thru to minesh such a nyc person who i connected with & who gave me great insight, wow..tym just flew didnt realise the minutes had finished untill the lady spoke so i extended..thank you minesh will keep u posted..hard to get hold of well worth it when u & light satty x p.s chat soon :-)