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I have been aware of the spirit world since a very young age, it scared me at first though as I matured through life it brought me great comfort in knowing our loved ones continue to an a vested interest in our lives. I have developed my mediumship abilities in order to more fully understand the mechanisms involved in mediumship and have over the past several taught psychic development. I am a psychic artist working with colour to produce amazing artwork that comes to represent a persons life story in a pictorial form. Dreams have always fascinated me as does the mind, as such their interpretation is an ability in which I excel.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like to provide answers even though it may not be what the reader is wanting or wishing to hear, it is about truth which I dare say is utmost in the hearts of all the mediums and psychic readers.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I love to travel and experience new things, going on a holiday is about the culture and not just the pub or the beach. I enjoy physical exercise and can be very to the point. I love exploring into areas that fascinate me, I have, for instance, just begun my third year of a science degree with the Open University in order to better understand the human body, the working of the mind are especially of interest.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

From a very young age, I would regularly wake up to see a little old lady sat at the bottom of my bed, she would merely say "go back to sleep" and as mentioned above, it scared me at first, yet now I seek to know everything about it (my Sagittarius trait)

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are far too many to pick just the one out, though I can recall saying to one person from the Caribbean - that an old school friend living in Europe was going to be visiting - they rang me back saying that their old school friends was to visit two weeks later

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have studied through the Spiritualist national union for a good number of years and undertook my mediumship certificates, though I have now left this organisation in order to better explore the full potential of my abilities

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I would ask them to be clear on what they wish to ask about, after all pennies are important these days, enter into the reading with an open mind, as a lot of the information given relates to future events, when seeking a mediumship reading there is not necessarily any guarantee that the one person you wish to hear from the most is able to evidence themselves through the medium, though someone always comes to say hello.

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Ty so much. U are right on I’m not sure why it keeps disconnecting. Please can you come back

Had a few reading with Ian now. He tunes in very quickly and accurately. He is always steadfast in what he says, and never wavers. I have every confidence in what he tell me as his evidence is so accurate. He speaks directly from spirit and fits so much info into such a short time. He is truly gifted. Thank you so much Ian and god bless. Margaret 30/09/19.

Wow!! This guy was absolutely fantastic. He didn't know me and yet he was fully aware of my situation. His messages were obviously from spirit. I never had to prompt him once. His conversation just flowed until the end of the call which incidentally I extended.

Ian is such a beautiful soul, always supportive no matter how much I call him. He never wavers from what he says, he remains consistent. He hasn’t been wrong so far, and I have no doubt that all he tells me will transpire. Thank you Ian for always being kind and honest. H x

I have found Ian to be a real comfort, an authentic reader who has a clear focus on supporting the caller. Thank you.

This lovely kind gentleman is just a treasure. This is my third reading with Ian and he just started and off he went. He mentioned the date in august that there would be distance and the man in question is leaving on a holiday. He was accurate with my work situation and see study coming up which im doing next year. I look forward to his predictions in the next few months. Hes an asset to psychic sofa.

As I always say I prefer a natural Psychic. You are a kind, caring sweet and gentle man with an exceptional gift. You have never ever wavered from your predictions. Your time lines always stays the same And for that reason you are the 1/3 readers ill always return too. Not only that but i believe every single word you say. Your gift is astonishing. I highly recommend Ian. He is worth your every penny

One of the most interesting aspects of a reading with Ian is his unique style of communicating information. In 20 mins without any request for any information, I was struck by the insightful tuning in, speed and support relayed. Very engaging, warm and funny. A blessing. Thank you

Thank you for an amazing reading today, sorry my phone died and we got cut off. You got the situation spot on and all without me saying anything. I hope the predictions you have me are right but as everything else you said was, I live in hope. Thank you again. Karen x

Such a funny and truly gifted reader! Ian mentioned things that he could never have known. Always a pleasure talking to you and thank you for your patience: S