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I've always been aware of my gift, well since I was 11. A wonderful old lady helped me on my road to be the person I am today. She allowed me to read her tarot cards.  Even at that young age I felt a strong pull to them. When I was 16 she bought me my first deck.  She also taught me to read the original pack of cards. She was my mentor and walked with me on my spiritual path that I've walked for 35 years.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I feel privileged to be allowed to be part of a client's life, albeit for a short space of time, to help support, give guidance and to help them see there is light at the end of the darkest of tunnels.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I'm an Aquarian and I love helping people. I'm also straight talking, with a huge dash of empathy thrown into the mix.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was 11 years old when I felt there was something different about me; I sensed things were going to happen before they did. I was at school (old school) and I would notice orbs moving around the room, the colours were beautiful. I couldn't tell my mum what I saw because my family were very religious. I used to talk to a lady about my experiences, she would explain to me what they were (she was a medium tarot reader).

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are so many, but one still sticks in my mind. A young woman came to see me with regards to a man she liked, but he seemed to have no interest in her. I told her that she would be dating by the end of the summer and I saw an autumn wedding within 2 years.  She continued to see me after that day, and I made her aware she would wear a green stone in a ring; she did and they did get married, and yes I went to the wedding.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I'm a very empathic reader, I am also a tarot clairvoyant and Angel card reader. I do readings in regard to Work, Relationships, Finance, Love. I love question and answer readings too.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I ask only that my clients come with an open mind; don't be afraid to ask questions.  Be honest.  Be open to spiritual guidance.  I am a reader of strength, integrity, clarity and truth.  And most of all ready with that helping hand to get you back on the right path.

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Wowee Athena!! That reading was amazing!! Every little detail was so spot on. I will keep you posted on developments, but I feel that you got everything to a 'T'. Thank you. 2020 - the year of change finally!!

Thank you so much for your reading today Athena 11/12/19 you were excellent what you said was so very true and made a lot of sense you were so helpful. To anyone reading reviews please give Athena a ring, no prying questions straight into the reading and everything was spot on, I cant thank you enough xx

Thank you so much for todays reading it was excellent everything made sense I would have extended but I pushed the wrong button. Everything you said was correct so thank you so much for helping me sort my head out.

Had a lovely reading with Athena. She picked up on the current situation accurately so let's hope her predictions come true!

Amazing, thank you so much for your reading. I definitely feel like I’m in a better, more positive frame of mind after talking to you. Xxx

Excellent reader very direct of my situation very pleased as a phychic myself would ring again janexx

Fabulous reader and I keep getting drawn back to him. She gave me clarity understanding and got my man spot on. She said he'd be back and sure enough he was. She got my personality and his spot on. Thank you x bev

Incredible! Accurate ! Mind blowing! This lady is the real thing ! Thank you Athena ....I will keep you posted ! M x

Picked on my person straightaway! Reassured me I wasn’t going crazy lol! Great reader! Can’t wait to speak to u again! Rupa x

This lady is amazing I was going through a really tough time with my partner she reassured me he would be back and he did come back and she told me everything would be ok well she is a spot on lady she is the best one on physical sofa I love her dearly she is my go to lady give her a call you will not be disappointed she is the best love you Athena Sarah xxx